Guide to Help and Training Materials

Note to Employees: for specific questions related to plan and enrollment options, please contact your Employer. For additional help using the Online Enrollment tool, please see: Help Guide


SAM – Interactive Demos

Self-directed, click-through demonstration allows users to explore the Online Enrollment tool. These interactive experiences provide no narration or step-by-step instructions, rather the user determines their pace.

Employee Demo

Please note that these demonstration tools are intended to provide a high level overview of the tool and not all functionality is fully operationsal. Run time depends on the pace chosen by the user.

SAM – Tutorials

Self-running videos that provide a detailed step-by-step guide to the Online Enrollment tool, including direction on where to start, what to do and how to use the tool. Users can pause, skip and fast forward through the tool.

Employee Tutorial - Approximate Runtime - 6 Minutes

Spreadsheet Enrollment Tutorial

SAM – Quick Reference Guides & Help

Step-by-step, one page guide to the functionality of the Online Enrollment tool.

Employee Guide

Employee Help